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KPMI Inc. offers tailored Uni-Directional Materials “FLEXARMOUR” according to usage, requirement and raw materials.

What is an UD Fabric ?

An uni-directional fabric (UD fabric) is a composite material made from fibers aligned in a single direction, typically held together with a binding material like resin.
* Image Source : Aeronautics Guide
Unlike woven fabrics, where fibers crisscross in both warp and weft directions, UD fabrics have all their fibers aligned parallel in one direction.
This alignment imparts exceptional strength and stiffness along the direction of the fibers, making UD fabrics ideal for applications that require high tensile strength in specific directions.
They are commonly used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, sports equipment, and ballistic protection, where specific mechanical properties are crucial for optimal performance.

Two prominent types of UD fabric for Ballistics

The two major generic classes of UD Fabric for ballistic composites are UHMWPE UD and Aramid UD.

Aramid UD

excels in providing high level of flexibility, chemical & heat resistance, making it ideal for soft armour protection.
boasts a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio and reduced back-face-signature, making it suitable for both soft & hard armour applications.
Is one material better than another ?
NO ! Aramid UD and UHMWPE UD both offer distinct characteristics, and neither can be considered inherently better or worse than the other.
They serve different roles and possess their own set of advantages and disadvantages.
The key lies in optimizing their usage according to specific applications. Understanding these differences enables users to make decisions and tailor material selection for optimal performance.

KPMI Capabilities

We, KPMI, are capable in analyzing specific requirements and selecting the most suitable material, whether it be Aramid UD or UHMWPE UD, as we thoroughly understand their different characteristics.
Additionally, we have the capability to choose the right resin systems to complement these materials based on the project's unique demands.
With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we are dedicated to providing accurate and effective solutions for various high-performance applications.
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