About Us


We take great pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier products that meet the highest quality standards. Our strong Research and Development(R&D) and Quality Control(Q/C) capabilities play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.
We continuously invest in technology and strategic partnerships to remain at the forefront of innovation and ensure customer satisfaction.

Available Facilities

1. Instron Machines for Precise Strength and Property Analysis
We utilize two Instron Machines, one tailored for Fibers, the other specifically for Composites, to measure and analyze the strength and properties of our products. These equipment empower us to conduct rigorous Q/C testing, providing accurate insights into the reliability and performance of each item we produce.
2. Drum-Type UD Machine for Pre-Production Quality Control
We utilize Drum-Type UD Machine to inspect Fibers and Resins prior to actual continuous production, ensuring the qualities of the ingredients that we apply.
3. In-house Sample Preparation
To maintain strict control over our product development process, we have established an in-house cutting line and press machine. This self-reliant setup enables us to efficiently prepare samples with our own products. By managing this critical aspect internally, we ensure the utmost precision and adherence to our quality benchmarks from the very beginning.
4. Collaboration with Dassault System Korea for Cutting-Edge Solutions
We've partnered with Dassault System Korea, leveraging their renowned “3D Experience Platform System” for our research and product development endeavors.

Dedication beyond facilities

Our dedication to achieving excellence extends beyond technology and facilities.
Our passionate team of experts, armed with extensive industry knowledge, is at the core of our success. By understanding and fulfilling the unique requirements of our valued customers, we ensure that every solution we create addresses their specific needs.
From ideation to production, we implement stringent quality control procedures to guarantee the consistency and reliability of our products.
Each phase of the manufacturing process is subject to meticulous inspection, ensuring that our customers receive products they can trust.
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