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Aramid UD

Aramid fiber is a high-strength synthetic fiber, stronger than steel, renowned for its exceptional tensile strength and resistance to abrasion. Composed of long-chain polyamide molecules, it finds versatile use in aerospace, ballistic protection equipment, and protective clothing, owing to its lightweight nature and remarkable durability. Aramid fibers maintain their strength at high temperatures and exhibit excellent resistance to chemicals, making them suitable for extreme environments and corrosive settings.
Aramid UD, known for its unique fiber characteristics, is widely used as a preferred material for soft armor due to its strength and flexibility.
Soft armor, composed of multiple layers of Aramid UD, delivers exceptional performance in stopping blunted bullets while ensuring wearer comfort.
When compared to traditional woven aramid solutions, Aramid UD significantly enhances the protection capabilities for the wearer.
* Schematic Structure of Aramid UD
KPMI Inc. provides customized Aramid UD portfolio and solutions to meet individual requirements and preferences.
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